The ER trip

I have had a bunch of people asked what happened and why I was so sick last week. Now that I am feeling better I thought I would fill you all in.

I had a horrible couple of weeks. I had a headache for a week straight and that turned into a 2 week migraine. Lots of fun let me tell you!  It got so bad that last Tues (9/24) I couldn’t stand or do anything. I couldn’t keep ay food or liquids down. I got the kids to school safely and come home and slept (until I started puking). I called Josh at work and told him what was going on. He said to call the neurologist and he would be home early.

I called my neuro. I asked to speak to my Dr.  They were extremely helpful (sarcasm) when they called back. Not only would they not let me talk to my Dr they also said there was nothing they could do and I should go to the ER. I am glad I pay so much for their help.

I took Piper to dance and then Josh met me at home and took me to the ER. I thought the wait wouldn’t be too bad (for an ER) on a Tues early evening.  Boy was I wrong. They were swamped. I checked in and found a chair and curled up into a ball. A customer rep. came up and said “You look like you have a migraine. Do you want some warm blankets?” I said yes. She proceeded to wrap me up like a burrito.  I sat there for hours. Josh and Memphis left to pick up Piper and get some dinner. The customer rep came around again and said I look terrible and she would try to get my pushed up on the list.

Not long after, I was called back to triage. I had the blankets still wrapped around me like a mummy. They had to help unwrap me so they could get my blood pressure, pulse, temperature. Both my pulse and blood pressure were sky high. The nurse said she was going to bump me up o the list. Back out to the waiting room I went. The customer rep came around again and gave me fresh warm blankets.

Finally, I was called back to a room. The nurse came in and asked me a million questions.  Thankfully she turned off the lights. She asked me to put on a hospital gown. I did, but I found out there was a huge tear in the front so I kept on my bra. I am really glad I did because the next thing she asked me to do was pee in a cup. So I got to walk around the ER with pee cup in hand and my right boob hanging out.  I hope the other patients liked my cheetah print bra. I was too sick to care. When I got back she put a heart monitor on me and hooked up my blood pressure cuff.  Every time my pulse or blood pressure was too high the machine beeped. There was a lot of beeping. The customer rep came back in and gave new blankets again.

Just as the Dr came in my room so did Josh and the kids. The Dr asked me if I had been throwing up. I said yes . Then his phone rang and he was called out to an emergency. About 30 min. later, he came back in and asked if I could tell him how much I had “puked”. I said “Yes,  a bowl of cereal and a cup of juice all day and then some.”  He was impressed how precise I could be. Then his phone rang again and out he went to another emergency.  After a really long time he came back and said the nurse would be in to give me some IV meds. to make me feel better.

No one came in for a very very very long time. Josh actually went out and found the nurse. She said she was on her way in. Apparently it takes 30-40 mins to walk around the desk and the 5 feet to my room. She came in and saw the kids and how freaked out they were. She was great about explaining everything she was doing to them. First she had to get some blood work from me. It hurt like hell. She said it was because I was so dehydrated and then my vein blew. So she had to put in a new IV line. Not fun. The kids weren’t thrilled with the amount of blood that came out of my arm. The nurse explained that meds could make my pulse, blood pressure, and oxygen plummet. Boy was she ever right. As soon as she put in the last of the meds, I started feeling funny. She put me on oxygen to help. The she started some fluids to rehydrate me.  

I finally talked Josh and the kids into going home for a while. I could tell none of them wanted to leave but there was no reason for them to stay. I was pretty spaced out because of the meds so I just stared at the TV for a while. I had no sense of time. I watched Big Bang Theory for hours.  Josh called me and asked how things were going. He asked if I was going to be coming home soon. I told him I didn’t know because the nurse and Dr hadn’t been back in. He pointed out that it was 11:30pm. This was news to me. I thought it was maybe 9:30pm. Josh suggested I push the call button. Before I could find the call button (was pretty high on meds so this was a difficult task), the nurse came in and said I could go home.  Finally at 12:30, (6.5 hours after I arrived) I was discharged.

I have since broke up with my neurologist and started going to a pain clinic. So far I like them a lot. They will continue to give me Botox, but are hoping to help me find other more natural alternatives.


One thought on “The ER trip

  1. Hey Steph – I appreciate you letting me know in a private message about some of what you went through. I’m so sorry you continue to go through the migraines. I so wish you guys lived closer so we could help you out! I pray the pain clinic helps you out!

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