The Run

Ok so I use to run a lot. 10ks or more 3-5 times a week. I was training for a half marathon.  Then stopped running for a while. My hubby, Josh, thought it was a great idea to sign me up for a 5K. Piece of cake or so I thought.  I didn’t do any training. I kept putting it off. 3+ miles seemed like nothing compared to what I use to run (10 plus miles).

Josh wanted to take Memphis to the drag races on Saturday, so I asked Piper if she wanted to run with me. She said yes. I should point out now that the last 5K (a Girls Scout event) was stressful for me. I knew Piper could push more, but didn’t. I know how my parents felt when I didn’t apply myself in school.  Piper agreed to run with me.

I didn’t look up anything about the race ahead of time. I just showed up when and where Josh told me to.  Piper and I walk up to the sign up table and realized something.  We were at a Black Baptist event. Let me point out I am a good Methodist. I sit in the last row and enjoy a good cover dish dinner. Were we ever out of place!!!!!  I called Josh and said “ You signed me up for a race called ‘Swagga” and didn’t tell me?” He said he didn’t understand.  I then said you know  “swagger” is not a white chick term”.  All he could do was laugh. He said he understood if we wanted to come home. I said “No we are already here. We are already here. “ Plus I got a free t-shirt.Image

Piper and I were 2 of 5 Caucasian people there (one was 90 and held a world record). I guess it’s good to feel what it’s like to be a minority. We ran the race and experienced several  positive encouragements. Piper did well. We finished in 48 minutes. I know I could have finished in under 30 minutes, but getting to finish with my 7 year old daughter was worth it. She had asthma trouble and a lady offered to walk with her. But she pushed through. I am very proud of her.  We were cheered on by many and it encourage Piper to run a little faster. Now she is wanting to do another  5k. Maybe one day we will do a marathon together.


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