Here We Go Again- Another Visit to the Vet

Both dogs had “issues” so I made a vet appointment. I dread the vet’s office. Not because they aren’t nice or anything that could be their fault. I hate going because of my own dogs. I have one big dog (Roscoe) who drags me around and one small pug (Pepe) who has to smell everything. That coupled with the poop/blood incident last time, leads to my anxiety.

So we will start with Roscoe. He was itchy! Not normal scratching every once in a while. Constant scratching! He had a few fleas and that made his sensitive skin (he is sensitive through and through) go crazy. He licks his boy bits and thumps his legs at that the same time. Very disturbing! He chews on his butt until it’s naked.  If you fuss at him, he goes to the other room and continues his activities.

Pepe has a growth on her eyelid. It causes huge eye boogers. So gross!!!! It also is causing her eye to be irritated. Nothing normal can happen to my dogs.

So to the vet we went. They loved the car ride. I let them out of the car at the vets and they both went in separate directions. When I finally got them inside, the vet techs felt so bad for me they took me straight to a room.

First came the nail clippings. Pepe took it like a brave girl. Roscoe shook like a leaf. Then Pepe was checked out. Everything was good except for her eye. She has even lost weight.  Roscoe came next. He had a skin rash, hot spot, and… Well this one will take some explaining. Roscoe has what we call “the pocket” It really is a pocket between his boy bits and bellybutton. It’s so gross. He fills it with slobber. Well, he has licked himself so much that he gave himself a yeast infection in his “pocket”.  His hot spot had to be shaved so now he has a naked butt. All he wanted to do was get out of there. All Pepe wanted to do was rub in his face that she didn’t have the issues that he did. She kept getting in his face and barking.

Pepe was up again. She had to be checked out to make sure she was healthy enough to have surgery. The vet took her out of the room to take some blood, check her eye for ulcers and check the pressure on her eye. Have you ever seen a pug’s eye? There is definitely pressure there.  So anyway, apparently Pepe didn’t mind having her blood sucked out of her. It was the dye that they put in her eye (to check for ulcers) that angered her. From what I was told she went crazy and tried to bite the vet. There are no Hallmark cards to apologize for that. After all that we found out she is healthy enough to have surgery, even though she is 13 years old. Now we just have to figure out if she is worth the money. Just kidding. I feel she is worth every penny, but to Josh thinks she out priced herself years ago.

I am happy to report that they are both doing better. Roscoe isn’t scratching himself anymore. The licking is still an issue but he is a guy. Pepe’s eye isn’t inflamed anymore since we started the eye drops. Now to schedule the surgery.

Image        IMG_0819


2 thoughts on “Here We Go Again- Another Visit to the Vet

  1. Poor little Brown dogs! Wow – Josh should now feel bad after yelling at Roscoe for all the nonstop scratching – he actually had a reason to do it – Roscoe, not Josh! Is that a common problem with pugs since their eyes are so bulging? I hope you all recouperate quickly!

  2. We had a miniature schnauzer years ago and when Vera took her to the vet, she would go crazy as soon as Vera turned on the street leading to the vet. The dog HATED going to the Vet.

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